Supalite K9 LED portable worklight

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  • Carry Mode – With the extension arm and head folded down the K9 LED allows use as a high power flood beam torch.
  • Worklight Mode – Telescopic mast flips up to allow the Supalite K9 LED to operate as a worklight. Effective illumination of the working area will then be achieved.
  • Floodlight Mode – This mode requires an extension pole or tripod to be fitted. The
    lamp head can then be extended up to three meters.
  • 4 Power Settings
  • Flexible Work Position – Allows the Supalite K9 to direct light at the optimum angle.
  • Light Source – Durable, long life LED’s provide optimum lighting at the most efficient power settings.
  • Safety – 12 Volt = Non hazardous low voltage. The lamp head can be adjusted and moved around safely due to the cool running temperature of the LED's.
  • Construction – Non conductive, impact resistant plastic polymer body with non
    conductive telescopic GRP mast.
  • A new flashing feature allows the user to set the k9 to flash as a warning to others.
  • The Supalite K9 can be switched between 4 different low to high powers to extend working duration.
  • SOS mode, for emergency alert.
  • High quality curly power cable allows up to a 3m extension without the need for additional extension cables.
  • Optional flood diffuser available.

Base Dimensions: 203 x 241 x 152mm

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